Birmingham City Vs Norwich City – Play Off Final – Cardiff – 12/05/2002

Video Score: four / 5

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12 Responses to “Birmingham City Vs Norwich City – Play Off Final – Cardiff – 12/05/2002”

  1. DvineDNO

    goosebumps every time.

    The color in the stadium was wicked!

    I just ordered this on DVD and will re-watch it all.

  2. MrArmpitchoochoo

    Surely both teams had the same ammount of tickets allocated.

  3. CanaryRich

    Ten years ago today, the most amazing yet heartbreaking day I’ve ever endured as a football fan, and I’m glad we’ve managed to do it the ‘easy’ way twice since then!

    Both sets of fans were awesome, not a hint of trouble and so, so loud, Iwan Roberts says he spoke to the groundsman at the Millenium Stadium a few years later, he told him it was the best atmosphere of all the games to be played there while Wembley was being built.

  4. samjwhite

    As a life long Norwich fan although i might seem byast i think the beter side lost on the day the norwich suporters travelled around twice as far to be there and to thse of us that were there there was cleary more off us dispite being a much smaller city. The hi lights only show only show a few of the chances, i think if the penaulties had been at the other end it would have been a different story. great memories though i would wish birmingham luck this year but mother in law is a west ham fan

  5. Lynnember

    Thanks for posting this. Even as a Norwich fan, I say this day was one worth remembering. Of course I was disappointed, but it was a great day out–my first time at the Millennium Stadium–a great occasion, and a good game.
    My lasting memory though is of my lil brother–who lives in cardiff–taking us to the stadium through the BC fans. Having ‘Who are you?’ chanted toyou by about ten thousand Birmingham fans is one of those things that tend to stick in your memory. >_<;;

  6. Blueuntilthegrave

    The greatest day of my life..

  7. jogjog1000

    before i thought I would never see blues in premiership in my life then this game- still sends me to seventh heaven. I remember on the floor praying when penalty shoot out, couldn’t look.Then my whole house errupted when won.My cousin came bursting in the house, did a lap of honour round the coffee table and then ran straight down the street. My sister phoned me from London screeming down the phone. keep right on!

  8. PurpleStuffOwns

    Fuckin awsome KRO

  9. IceyoneOfficial

    By Far The Best Game Ive Have And Ever Will Attend! WIll Never Forget That Day, Not In A Million Years! KRO!

  10. gf5608

    we beat them 3-0 in the season i think BUT we as birmingham when it finally comes to it we cant make it easy can we GREAT DAY

  11. LawTekkenBoy

    Was such an amazing atmosphere, will always remember this day

    come on you blue boyssssss

  12. DvineDNO

    You watch any other final, and you want see a colourful one as this.


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