Norwich City FIFA 12 Manager Mode: Epsiode 1

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11 Responses to “Norwich City FIFA 12 Manager Mode: Epsiode 1”

  1. EpiCNoRWicHFAN6199

    play 4-1-2-1-2 GK: Ruddy LB: Tierney CB: Ayala CB: Ward RB: Naughton CDM: Fox LM: Surman RM: Bennent CAM: Hoolahan ST: Holt ST: Jackson cus he’s quick

  2. EpiCNoRWicHFAN6199


  3. Andilex23HD

    As lewis48100 already said :) I will say it differently next time just waiting to get back from my vacation already have a video edited just need to commentate it :)

  4. footiecardsstickers

    great to see you playing the game with Norwich – can you pronounce the team name properly next time though (no offence intended)…it is not NOR-WICH it is pronounced NOR-RIDGE. Of course we play at Carrow Road.
    Wish Morison would play that well in real-life!!!
    OTBC (On the ball city)

  5. hariznl

    Because Germany has schools too you know

  6. arcticproductions1

    how come u can speak english

  7. Andilex23HD

    Indeed I am

  8. arcticproductions1

    your from germany

  9. Andilex23HD

    @lewis48100 Alright sorry for the mistake :) Didn´t know I will start saying differently from episode 4 on.
    @HotFuzz150 Yes after watching them this season I just absolutley love them :) They play football how its meant to be.

  10. Robbie Walden

    Do you support Norwich? :)

  11. lewis48100

    Glad to see that you’ve started a career with the the mighty Canaries! Just for future reference it’s pronounced ‘norridge’ rather than ‘nor – wich’! Sorry to be picky, it just got a bit annoying after a while!

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