FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Giveaway ep.2 (TOTS Holt) CLOSED

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24 Responses to “FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Giveaway ep.2 (TOTS Holt) CLOSED”

  1. CragD1

    My gt is BIO onicRUMBLER

  2. carpboy13

    Would love ox because I an not getting FIFA 13 and want to carry on FIFA 12 and would help a lot:)GT : EpIcKi1lZ

  3. willisbetterthansam

    Ox would be a good a great add on to my team! hope i get lucky. Gamertag: silent tree x32

  4. MrLothianN



    Joszoffthewallx– i would love to have inform ox ;D i loved using him in my arsenal team and im a loyal arsenal fan! cant wait to use him on fifa 13 so would love a last chance on fifa 12 cheers:)

  6. scaifeyrules


  7. paul harrison


  8. Robert Howbridge

    My Xbox Gtag: MaChO PiE GuY

  9. Loren Cozier


  10. ZxDiRTxZ


  11. Josh Brook

    Baloteddy x

  12. Tom Smith

    i want him

  13. Charlie Hendo

    I’m a gooner myself and I love the ox in real life and on FIFA! I’ve had the normal one on UT before but never had the coins to buy IFS Ox! I really would love this player! GT: SwagOnYouu x

  14. Charlie Hendo

    I’m a gooner myself and love the L

  15. ilVlattyz

    Yep :)

  16. owenisledgend

    Im on ps3 CheeseLovar

  17. Sackboy612

    GT: RamiRavinRabid

  18. MrNathan6699

    GT: N1NJA C4T

  19. callum lee

    GT: Callum2556

  20. TheFifaLabMK

    GT: XJ4KX

  21. MrBrado12

    Gt:AsPEcT MoTioNZz

  22. TheEpicSean

    Gt: TheEpicSean

  23. Fut12OnXbox360

    Gt: gr4vel st4rs

  24. Cole Slater

    GT : D For Rose

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