1. lol. United get Kagawa. Chelsea get Hazard. City are´╗┐ pretty much nailed on to get Van Mercenar-ie. errrrrrrrmmmmmm, bye bye Arsenal!

    Good luck with Podolski with no strength or passing quality around him.

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  4. Haha!! No arsenal have been watching Hazard for quite a while now so i hope we will get him! I guess united have to get´╗┐ Kagawa instead :)

  5. goner or gooner ­čśë haha that would be´╗┐ great for arsenal sorry m8, united want the hazard mann!! ­čśŤ

  6. i’m a goner and i’d like to see vertohngen podolski hazard and mvila to come to my´╗┐ club

  7. I want Mnchester United to sign exactly who you said + alaba from Bayern Munich!!!
    + I really want Pogba to sign a new contract even though i doubt he will´╗┐ now :(

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