Fifa 12 Ultimate Team | In Form Tots Blue Grant Holt Review & In Game Stats

Movie Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Fifa 12 Ultimate Team | In Form Tots Blue Grant Holt Review & In Game Stats”

  1. MinecraftKid909

    the blue kings got him :D

  2. stoikes

    lol. United get Kagawa. Chelsea get Hazard. City are pretty much nailed on to get Van Mercenar-ie. errrrrrrrmmmmmm, bye bye Arsenal!

    Good luck with Podolski with no strength or passing quality around him.


    hes irish its his accent i can understand? I support norwich and want this card!

  4. kevpolley

    talk a bit slower and pronunciate clearer

  5. OldFarmerWilly

    Hi everyone, dont mean to be a douche but i think this guy, N3O2HD, deserves more subs, hes a real good commentator who does squad reviews and a RTG series, please if you have time check him out.

  6. hamzzizzle

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  7. mansherlogsson

    Haha!! No arsenal have been watching Hazard for quite a while now so i hope we will get him! I guess united have to get Kagawa instead :)

  8. Boyle96HD

    goner or gooner ;) haha that would be great for arsenal sorry m8, united want the hazard mann!! :P

  9. mansherlogsson

    i’m a goner and i’d like to see vertohngen podolski hazard and mvila to come to my club

  10. TheeHurricane555

    aw your fuckin Ps3 what the FUCK LAD

  11. elcapitanooooooo

    he was shit for me

  12. FluggaLuggin

    <3 I think I love you

  13. DoubleTakeNiNjas

    new sub :)

  14. ITassasinHD

    me 2 ncfc 4 life

  15. FluggaLuggin

    He is my favourite player in real life
    <3 Norwich City

  16. Robin Van Persie

    Bale,Hazard,Sneijder,Alaba and Kagawa to Man United

  17. mrsuperwog100

    i cant fucking understand one thing your saying…

  18. Mohammed Al Muhairi

    slow down

  19. ank1d0

    im doing fine

  20. Wilde11HD

    top vid

  21. 77Metallica

    I want Mnchester United to sign exactly who you said + alaba from Bayern Munich!!!
    + I really want Pogba to sign a new contract even though i doubt he will now :(

  22. FluggaLuggin

    My favourite player

  23. ch00ngers

    With a pace card he is unstoppable XD

  24. Mentalmatt14


  25. TheMiniUzy

    holt has 40 goals in 14 games for me :)

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