1. Nah.. Could see holt being another Michael ricketts maybe 7 years ago yeah.. Not now.

  2. You must be joking !! there are 100 plus better players than this idiot !! he can’t even stand up properly !! he is a cheat who abuses the system. would fit into the England squad then.. I live in Norwich and have seen first hand his idiots antics !! and this video is irratating !!!

  3. This Norwich fan will bewondering why he made this now he’s handed in a transfer request haha!

  4. Only thing that held him back being picked was I think, he didn’t play for a massive club with all respect to Norwich. I think he cost like 37 times less than Rooney & he is the second English highest goalscorer in the Premier League, he’s top-class to be fair.

  5. Rooneys Banned though for the first game so that blows the plan clean out the water Wasteman

  6. Holty deserves the chance… he probably wont get it and it will be a shame… but Fuck England! let them be the shit failures they are.. we will keep our grant Holt and he can mkae the big teams defences look crap again next season.

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