1. hope he still is buddy…although the other side of 30 now…he does take a little while each season to get going though…definately hope he gets off the mark against the Hammers – be good to get 3pts against them #fingerscrossed

  2. He was even more of a goal machine last season, 17 in 37 last season…. this video is from the year before where he managed 23 in 48….. he is more of a goal machine now than he was then…. I was objecting to “was”, which is past tense, when he “is” in fact still a goal machine. #legend

  3. What I meant was that he is still a goal machine in the Premier League, his comment was from February (seven months ago)….. just pointing out that he is still a goal machine now (hopefully, could do with banging one in against West Ham tbh!).

  4. we know buddy – this was when he was POY for the championship season where he was a goal machine!!

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