1. what did u say is a shit hol mate, ipshite i went there for the last 3 seasons straight u guys make fuk all noise in ur shitty lil tin shed u cudnt even fill the fukin thing up so shut up u lil scummy tosser

  2. No word descrobe our club mate amazing support shud be in the orem where we deserve to be :D:D

  3. Do you think norwich can make it back to where they belong let me know on zeb2jambo’s channell

  4. im sorry all i hear is “ nehnehneh , i’m a donkey cock sucking bastard, who likes to sleep with my sisters in and around norfolk, just like my narwich supporting friends!!!”

  5. I’ll start being offended by norwich supporters the day norwich fans take their cocs out of their mothers, and sisters’s mouth and cracks… so i guess that never going to happen you insestuous twats.. u cunt

  6. Hahaha Oh You Ipswich Cunts Make Me Laugh, Vomit Coloured?…Wot Are You On?!

    Your Father And Your Brother…..

    Your Sister And Your Mother..

    You Love To Fuck Each Other…

    The Ipswich Family!

  7. Kick it off
    throw it in
    have a lil scrumage
    keep it low
    splendid rush
    win or die
    on the ball city
    never kind the dangers
    steady on
    nows your chace
    hurrah we scored!

  8. Oi, coc sukers!!! u fukin CUNTS,especially jakachli, you obviously dont like football that much cos ur team play in a vomit coloured kit, with proper bum boys as players. We’ve all heard about cureton and shakell liking it up the jacksy. we r not all londers cos i know 4 a fact that i was born in ipswich, and raised in ipswich u fukin dick. just cos u budgie boys is proud not 2 get relegated (some achievement) cant wait to go 2 carrot road nxt season a kick the hell out of u.

  9. youeve taken two different videos from youtube…stuck them together and put it to different music and claimed it as you own!



  10. To footballmadfan.
    You obviously can’t like football that much, you ‘support’ Ipshit!!!!!
    Mind you, you are all Londoners that can’t get tickets for West Ham and Arsenal!
    Shame you’re only a ‘Town’!!!
    See you at Portaloo Road, can’t wait to see all your empty seats (As Normal)

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