1. Haha! I watched the Cardiff Middlesboro’ game (as a Norwich fan). I loved the deathly silence that was met with the ‘Boro goals. It was as though someone had turned the sound off!

    We knew Lita wouldn’t let us down!!

    All the best!


  2. We have a fine manager too but financial restrictions make promotion seem unlikely but thanks anyway. 3-0 up at Cardiff and 90% of Boro fans were expecting a draw, the other 10% were less optimistic lol, it has been that kind of season. No reason Norwich cannot stay up, execellent and colourful supporters is part of the reason I like your club.

  3. Thanks matey , hope to see you up there with us soon .

    We are both Proper football clubs with FANS , not just millions of laundered pounds of Russian mafia money !

    ( Well done to your side too at Cardiff too , Three – nil up after 22 minutes , anyone should be proud of that ! )

  4. the only reason why we got relageated its because its glenn roeders fault if bryan gynn was manager for the whole season we would have stayed up

  5. When Iwan bangs that header in, that coupled with the music brings a tear to my eye. We’re back, and we’re literally better than ever.

  6. Well done, fantastic vid mate. Displays the passion and pain of supporting a proper club (not a plastic “big 4” club).

    Up the Palace!

  7. The Canary is backup and flying proudly after today’s 4-1 demolition of Ipswich. i am not a Norwich native i am a proud Irish Norwich fan. i wear the colours where ever i go. i fell in love with the city when i watchd them losing the play off finals a few years. i get slaged and ridiculed for wearing the yellow of Norwich. just because i dont folow the trend of supporting man u hu may i say are keping the green and yelow scarf sales going. but i am proud to support such a great team. GREEN ARMY

  8. Prediction for Super Norwich City vs some team in the blue an white i think

    Norwich 6- 0 ipsomthing

  9. yeh we have a club relationship with your rivals dick head shows how much u know about football

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