1. @norwichsquat What do you make of Paul Lambert?I hope that he takes you up.As he will raid the SPL for players.And get all the best young Scottish talent.And give them the platform to become stars.Our leagues packed with players,that could do well in the big time next year.Wes Hoolohan was crap up here for LIVINGSTON.And he is one of your best players down there.There is plenty of wingers a lot better than him here.You should punt him,and bring in Craig Conway for free from Dundee Utd.

  2. Possibly the greatest club in the world? Even Ipswich have won loads more trophies than you lot, and haven’t they had two England managers?

    SAFC forever

  3. It’s got good heart but I think a remake is in order when City moves back to the Championship and then to the Premier League where they truly belong!

  4. lol i love how you deny that ur in Norfolk but not that you fuck your own mother XD priorities i see

  5. yet again you continue to make the mistake of saying i’m still in school, also i actually passed my english exams dumbass, thirdly i wasnt educated in Norfolk so you have failed there and just for the record your shitty cumstain you call Ipswich is in Norfolk too you spaz! i bet you were one of the little nerds that was beaten up in the playground because you tried making your mother a dominatrix instead of just making her moan like a wilderbeast like your brother does

  6. ok A) im not a school boy so you have embarrased your self (6 times) B) your argument is pathetic, you keep repeating the same crappy line over and over, and you wonder why i hate your existence hmm …… dont bother replying unless its a good reply because i wont respond unless its worth something

  7. you again? mate get a fucking life and stop commenting shit in between lickin’ ur sisters clit u Ipswich Inbred!

  8. WOW, you got promoted from Div 3! well done…. but in reality you are still just in championship next season! BCFC? oh .. lets look.. 9th in premieship with rich new owners! “we’ll meet again?..” not for a while… last few games of last season… we have gone different ways! such is life eh? lets be havin you!

  9. @iancoley, for your info, we are top of the league, 11 points clear of leeds and millwall, with 9 games left. think we r gunna win the league? no, CERTAIN we r gunna win the league.

  10. such is life , but were still top of the league and heading back to the championship enjoy the playoffs if you make it

  11. isnt it nice the ONLY reason norwich shity are top is cuz they had to look up to colchester, without lambert they wud be struggling and when a premier league team needs a new manager next season pauls only gonna dicth u like he did us

  12. what do you mean POSSIBLY the greatest team in the world were are LEGEND

    NCFC 4 EVA!!!!!!

  13. W0tno, i think i wrote that when you were a league higher? which division are you in nowadays? Div 3? LMFAO, the mighty NCFC… and who are you playing nowadays?
    u will be in that division for many seasons to come!

  14. Just wanna say congrats to Norwich for appointing Lambo as your new gaffer. He was always going to be a manager having worked for Martin O’Neill at my team Celtic and Ottmar Hitzfeld at Dortmund. Remember, this is a guy with a Champions League medal he won in ’97 by marking Zidane out the game. A very clever and studious guy, he’s shown his early managerial potential so far, and you guys have got yourself a top man. Wish you all the best lads!

  15. I am confused, you state NCFC are going up this season? “safe”? what are you on? I can’t see them winning a game all season.

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