Legends of football from the Brazilian National team, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo have expressed their disappointment over ex-Real Madrid teammate Michael Owen’s joke over the former striker’s weight issues.

The trio were reunited and seen together at the Bernabeu while they watched Cristiano Ronaldo receive his fourth Ballon d’Or Award.

Attention was then turned to Owen who had tweeted a picture of himself and Ronaldo with the caption: “I thought I was putting the pounds until I saw my old mate Ronnie!”

Angry reactions from football fans with so much slamming Michael Owen for his comments and one user writing: “Don’t disrespect a man that you are not worthy of.”

Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos in his response to Owen’s joke, he is not happy. Carlos and Ronaldo are good team friends. They both played alongside for Los Blancos and the Brazil National team, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he had to cover up for an old colleague.

The Mirror reported Roberto Carlos, saying: “I don’t like these type of jokes. Ronaldo is a very good friend of mine and we have to be careful.” He went further saying that Ronaldo has got a big heart, a very big one.

The Brazil legend has equally commented on Owen’s fat sneer and he is likewise unimpressed.

As serious as it may seem, Owen’s joke was undeniably a light-hearted one, but he obviously did not know that the Brazil international football legend suffers from hypothyroidism – a medical condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t give out enough of its hormone, resulting in weight gain.

The same Carlos spoke against the Barcelona team when they largely failed to show up at the FIFA Best Player Award in Zurich, Switzerland. The team were however represented by the president and some club directors.