Romanians near to Qualify for WC

The Romanians enhanced their World Cup qualifying points’ tally in Kazakhstan with a draw, but, they were angry on the plane back as they fell prey to a theft and lost their personal possessions on the trip.

The previous morning of the match-day in Kazakhstan, when the Romanian squad came back from the practice to the place they had been accommodated at, their money wallets and electronic gadgets were not in sight.

While the amounts that were in the wallets were not significantly big and they were only in the excess of 500 Euros, the gadgets were expensive. However, regardless of the values of the items lost, the fact of the matter was that it was a theft and any kind of theft happening to a visiting international team is a major security lapse and a major embarrassment to the host association first of all.

But what’s extraordinary after that theft was that when it was reported to the hotel management and they gave it in the knowledge of the City police, no desperate attempt was made in the next 48 hours to track down the thieves and even the officials of the Kazakhstan association didn’t push for a fast probe into the matter. It was as if nobody cared much.

The spokesperson of the Romanian touring party was literally gutted with how lightly the case was taken as he hinted before leaving Kazakhstan that that nobody in his camp had any trust left on the authorities in charge that they would get the items recovered.

He was quoted as, “I don’t think there is any information yet about those who committed the theft and frankly speaking, the progress we have seen so far, none of us is really hopeful now.”