1. If the second highest English goalscorer (Grant Holt) (who has a better shot/goal ratio than RVP or Rooney) can’t get a call up than its obvious that England managers care more about what team you play for rather than how much you deserve it.

  2. Andy Carroll (big man) Rooney (main man) Sturidge/Defoe (poacher) and Wellbeck (good teamwork with rooney). 4-5 strikers only.  433 Hart Walker Terry/Rio Lescott A.Cole Carrick/Scholes Parker Lampard Sturidge/Walcott Rooney Young

  3. uhh what are you talking about? He has no experience at INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. Calling up would be so abrupt, he would need to play friendlies first and build up.

  4. enogh experience ?? hes played in all of the divisions and after rooney he is the top english scorer then its Danny Graham. then crouch. I say give them a game or two

  5. I would give him a chance.

    But why is nobody giving GARY HOOPER!!!!..for Celtic a chance?!?!!

    Dont underrestimate the SPL..look at what Jelavic did in the SPL and look at him now in the EPL…Gary Hooper and Jelavic were the best players in the SPL and Hooper got more goals that Andy Carroll in the Championship 2 seasons ago.

    Give the boy a chance.

    He just got 5 goals in his last game against Hearts. Even Jarmain Defoe couldnt do that when Spurs played Hearts earlier in the season.

  6. holt doesn’t have enough experience especially in such a sudden event which will take place. Maybe in the future but right now its all about crouch

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