Fifa 12 Ultimate Team – Silver Player Review, TOTS Holt

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25 Responses to “Fifa 12 Ultimate Team – Silver Player Review, TOTS Holt”

  1. TraaBss

    Have you reviewed lambert ? 74

  2. Harry Crabtree

    Morrison is a very similar player


    Yeah Henderson!

  4. viiBurnsx

    Bradley Wright Phillips!

  5. IIintroz

    TOTS Molina

  6. MrSFolio

    he only does silvers thats why the title is SILVER PLAYER REVIEW.

  7. huskoboy12

    Hello guys, I’m giving out free players on FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. All you have to do is fill in the form on the website below and you will receive your players in less than an hour.This is not a scam and you will not get banned for doing it. PLEASE TRY THIS OUT AND LIKE IT SO OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE IT THANKYOU.

  8. TaekwondoGold

    can you review TOTY cardozo inform Bas Dost and TOTY lodi please

  9. ooD4V1Dxx

    iF Daniliho.

  10. donaaron26

    Wright phillips

  11. JeJeO4

    Carlos Vela IF

    The normal version is good, but I don’t know if the IF version worth his price.

  12. zGraeme

    TOTS Diego, I want to see if he’s worth the money on the Xbox, like if you agree :))

  13. Lparker77

    Already have him so he’ll be in the next ingame stats video etc.

  14. Lparker77

    Will see if I can get one.

  15. KieArsenal

    Grant Holts Barmy Army!!!!

  16. Lol Jk

    Wright phillips

  17. Lparker77

    Lots of people have asked for this ;). I’ll try and make one for Monday instead of a money making vid as too be honest, the game is coming to an end and there aren’t many new methods out there.

  18. AndySav92

    Can you make a tutorial on your custom corner? :)

  19. matttt95

    The goal at 1:27 was crazy

  20. benc96skater

    de marcos bradley wright phillips or immobile

  21. ich983

    yes alaba please do assuncao next

  22. JaffaToTheMAX

    Lallana and burke :)

  23. chaser2k4

    De Marcos would be good. Not too sure about buying him.

  24. chaser2k4

    He looks amazing.

  25. ramonebedi

    De marcos or assincao

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