1. He really was something else in his prime and I’m chuffed he has settled down in Norfolk. Top footballer, proper gent.

  2. He was a great player for us.
    but he time had come..if he had be given 2 more seasons it spoil your memories of him for later years

  3. Hope you’re not taking the credit for making this video. It was a free dvd given away at the Greatest Ever Event held at the club recently. It is a great video but thats coz a company put it together.

  4. Brilliant video! Really well made. Good song choice. What was the song?
    Making me well up the fact we wont see any of that talent ever again. Thanks Roeder for that.
    Oh Huckerbeeee!

  5. In our promotion season we were lucky, we had one legend going, Iwan, someone who I felt was irreplaceable, which he is, but we had a different love with Huckerby. How one man, almost single handedly got us into the premiership is absoloutley amazing. The great things about the recent Barclay legends in Iwan, Malky, Rob Green and Hucks is that they always gave it more than anyone else on derby day. Ipswich may have money, but take heart in this lads, we are a special team, our time will come.

  6. Just the commentatot saying “And its Huckerby…who else??” says it all for me, the man is a legend!! He will be missed!!

  7. Fantastic video!

    I’m still gutted that we will never see him play for Norwich City again, IMO he was good for atleast one more year but what can we do… he’s gone now i’m afriad.

    Thaanks for the memories Hucks, true NCFC legend!

  8. Wow, i wasn’t expecting this, brilliant video!

    Huckerby, the thought of him never pulling on a yellow and green shirt again, and walking out to the chanting of the Carrow Road faithful is a bitter taste to swallow.

    Huckerby will always be a legend for Norwich city. He displayed magical runs and goals in games that Canaries had never seen before.

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