1. Calling anyone a bastard is just insulting them, regardless of colour.

    Here’s a thought, does the fact that you thought it was racist calling him a bastard because of his colour make you a racist?


  2. I don’t get it. People call him racist BASTARD. When they call him bastard, aren’t they racist bastards too?

  3. I wonder if these were the same people giving him stick until he put a beauty past them about 10 seconds later. Suarez really knows how to piss off these Norwich fans 😉 or are they normally like this? If so I probably don’t want to visit there… :/

  4. 0:25 that kid/ womans voice is fuckin head doing i could punch them repeatidly

  5. Whatever this fella got fined or however much time he did for this…it was fucking worth it. Well done sir.

  6. Gotta love the football abuse.calm down its football.not a good advert for Norwich fans.i thought they were better then this.

  7. Anyone Norwich fans watching this will become instantly ashamed of their home fans. Possibly the worst ever reaction to conceding a goal ever.

  8. As you can see from this video the Norwich fans are so inbred that they no longer speak english but merely make grunting noses.

  9. Lol – Norwich fans sound like a right bunch of twats !!!
    Fair play to the lad who got onto the pitch.

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