Lazio recieving consequences after Racial Chanting

Lazio could be receiving consequences from the racial chanting of their own fans after Genoa defeated them 1-0 on February 9.

Niang and Edenilson of Genia were the victims of the racial chants that were going on during the match and at one point in the game, the referee even had to stop the match for a few seconds and talk to the players that were on the receiving end of the chants.

A report from the LegaSerie A’ weekly’s disciplinary read: “Approximately 50 percent of the 7,700 Lazio supporters situated in the area known as the ‘Curva Nord’ aimed shouts and chants unequivocally expressing racially motivated discrimination towards the players number 11 Niang and 21 Edenilson of the opposition team,” In view of the dimension and the actual perception of the chants for this reason, Lazio will be obliged to play one game without fans in the area known as the ‘Curva Nord.’

Lazio will be hit with a sanction that prohibits their own fans from entering the stadium during one home game match in the Serie A but this ban will only emerge if the fans continue with these disciplinary issues.

It’s not the first time that Lazio has faced these types of consequences and sanctions as the Italian side was handed with a stadium ban for the third time in 2013 during a match of club when they faced off with Legia Warsaw in an Europa League match as well as also having to play against Stuttgart and Fenerbahce behind closed doors a few years ago.

No club wants to have to go through this on a consistent basis and a series of changes are expected to be done within the stadium in order to avoid having to experience this once again.