1. Russ clearly butthurt, probably realises he might not get picked now his
    bum chum is gone. Some of the answers were a bit vague and evasive, Neil
    surely must realize if we lose against Fulham we are going down….

  2. Weak leadership from the board to lose their nerve at this stage of the
    season. If we go down now we’re stuffed. At least if we had gone down with
    Hughton we might have kept some decent players and would have had a manager
    who has got a team promoted from the championship before.

    Why does McNally think we should be finishing 10th?

  3. Hughton was shit, his tactics were shite, but Neil Adams will help us win
    the fight.

    He got the call from Delia Smith, staying up is no longer a myth.

    We’re staying up, we’re staying up, with Neil Adams, we’re staying up.

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