1. He left Colchester and went straight to Norwich leaving us to have a mediocre season and to get Norwich back up to where they are now.

  2. and to look at Colchester now…. fighting for survival. Damm you Paul Lambert!

  3. Your as thick as shit and don’t know anything about football, clearly. I said LAST YEAR, when they were both in the CHAMPIONSHIP. I give up, you are as thick as pigs shit. Either do your research or shut the fuck up, you fail at life.

  4. Brighton ave att 20000 last year, Leeds average attendance 23000 last year. I said SEASON TICKETS. Our average attendance in LEAGUE ONE: 24758, 95% of capacity. Number of season tickets in Championship season: 21000. Number of Leeds season tickets: 12000. So no, your wrong, the answer is: “NONE”. Muppet.

  5. How many teams would sell 18000 season tickets in League One in the first place? In fact, how many sell that in the Championship? None?

  6. Lambert left Col U immediately afterwards… and we had a decent season, except for the return leg.

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