1. you mean the feeder club Leeds United – my god it would be embarrassing to
    support them nowadays. such a small club like Norwich just cherry picking
    anyone half decent from a Leeds team (and that’s not many players) – I
    agree with you they are SHITE!!!

  2. @samwisethree very true. Hansen on the BBC was the worst at the time…sky
    weren;t too bad. Although McInally on sky for the away leg was pro-Bayern.
    He looked a mug at the end of that game!!!

  3. At least you’ve got Morison and a free transfer up front now to get a goal
    a season for you hahahahaa – League One here you come Leeds United

  4. hold on, surely you don’t support 1p5wich hahahaahahahahaa…what a bunch
    of mongs, still living in 1981 and beyond hahahaahaa. bunch of Arsenal
    wannabe fans from Suffolk. cocksuckers hahaahaa

  5. haha said by the prick who is scared to say who he supports… glory hunter
    Man united fan I guess, aren’t you (Man City last season though!!) what a
    life you must have being able to troll comments on videos while hiding
    behind your computer keyboard, tough guy glory hunter!!

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