1. the good old days of entry to the barclay for £1!! I was in the south stand with my dad for this semi final. Best game I went to as a little kid I reckon…

  2. I’ve got the Autograph book, official photos (featuring Dave Watson and Steve Bruce!) and programme from being mascot but all the other bits and pieces have fallen by the wayside. My pocketmoney was £1.50 and it was £1 to get on to the barclay if u were under 13 so I never got the programmes. :0(

  3. forgot about that – remember they came out from the mobiles in the SF as well in the corner…found my “bruised and battered” milk cup final flag the other day in loft, did you keep any memorabilia back then?

  4. Yup, was in a mobile between the burnt main stand and the river-end. The away team had to negotiate stairs….

  5. lol…did they let the mascots into the dressing room back then…remember van Wyk, luckily I never saw him exposed though!!!

  6. Was the Mascot against Barnsley in August the following season. 1 – 1 if I remember correctly. Haa haa, I saw Denis van Wyks knob. Disturbing for a 10 year old but it was all about Autographs.XD

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