1. People keep talking about Welbeck, I just don’t see it. Sturridge is miles better than Welbeck and the numbers back it up. I am a Chelsea supporter but that has nothing to do with it, he’s better!

  2. I think Holt and Defoe without Rooney and Bent. Holt2nd top english goalscorer!!!give him a try u bastards!!

  3. well that was shit… i dont want holt to go anyway, big fella needs a rest so he can help us win the prem next year!

  4. The 442 is outdated make use of the pacy wingers such as young and Sturridge and put Rooney in the middle

  5. England should play with a 4-3-3.. Wilshere, Cleverley and Parker at midfield, Rooney Welbeck and Sturridge up front.

  6. You still haven’t answered my question, who are you to tell me go away? I’m not pestering anyone, you choose to be pestered.

  7. LOL You’re a biased United fan I bet?
    And who the fuck are you to tell me go away?

  8. Yeah. Wellback is far too inconsistent. He’s good when he’s good, but that’s like every once in a month or even less.

  9. … No.

    If you play two up front ( which is outdated ) make it Wellbeck and Bent in Rooney’s absence.

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