1. giving away toty holt in 5 mins playstation 3 serious 150 coin start price 500 coin bin price check in 5 mins

  2. No he has not ! he is the worst player I have ever used, the normal one is much better :P

  3. can anybody lend me some money on ultimae team so i could make a team and put the vid on youtube ?

  4. Top striker Grant Holt is I reckon. I can’t see why he hasn’t been chosen for Euro 2012, and God knows why Carroll has been chosen over Crouch & Walcott over Lennon. England have lost any chance before it’s even started.

  5. brilliant review mate :), when did you buy holt because usually when you buy a toty player you end up making a loss because they go down in price?

  6. very little, he’s six foot, my favourite player in UT is bermudez and he’s 5”3!!!!

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